writer=Kumiko Inukai ......translator=Miru Suzuki
Jewel of sea, Jewel of mountain
"My daughter wakes up in a bad mood."
"My son is in a bad mood before going to sleep.
" I wonder if children who wake up in a bad mood
and are in a bad mood before going to sleep will be
in a same condition even after getting old and leaving
from their mother's keeping.
There is a little pair of sister-and-younger brother
living far each other.
wakes up in a bad mood because she always carries
a little ball made of anxiety on her left chest and
wakes up with such feeling as the ball going bung.
The younger brother “Prince SOMETHING WE DON'T WANT TO TELL”
is in a bad mood before going to sleep with rubbing his face
in his hands or knitting his brow because he has such feeling
as his brow is cloaked in tepid darkness after he shuts his eyes.
They are always in such condition since they were babies
in their mother’s arms

A little pair of sister-and-brother lives far each other.
Not only children, but also the King; their father and Queen;
their mother live far apart, too.
Each four member of the family lives very, very far apart
in the East, the West, the North and the South.
The King seems to want to give his children direction
seeing their growth.
The Queen seems to want to look after her children.
The children seem to want to feel safe seeing their father
and with the warmth of their mother’s arms around them.
Most of public families seem to feel how sorry
the Loyal family is.Because most public families feel
it is better that families have same aims and live together
for cooperating each other and think about each other’s happiness.
But the King’s aim is “ Quest for happiness worldwide “.
And they have such ability in order to bear the fate.
The ability is “ heart-to-heart communication”.
Tell someone how they really feel by heart.
Originally, “the heart” doesn’t have materiality.
There is no distance among the things which do not have materiality.
In order to cooperate with each other with the ability
“heart-to-heart communication” and quest for the aim,
happiness worldwide, they should live as far as they can
apart each other.By the ability heart-to-heart communication,
the younger brother’s bad temper before going to sleep makes
the sister’s mind broader like the calm sea and send the rhythm
of cradle to her brother. And the bad temper when the sister’s
waking up makes her brother’s mind stronger like thick-stemmed
tree and send back to herself such air she can feel better.
Such insecure feeling of them trains their mind each other.

There is no distance between ‘heart’ and ‘heart’ which
do not have materiality.
Then, cannot the gap of time exist, too?
Or is it flexible like water, ice or steam along the flow
of time of material?
It is not known by us, having substantial body.
Maybe when we feel an urge to know that soon…
“ Hi, can you hear me? ”
“ I can hear you, my sister, Princess
“ What do you think about it, my brother, Prince
“ This story is such story that we hard to say even
if we think enough, isn’t it?”
” Do you get sleepy?”
“ I have nothing to think any more. Good night.”
” I have seen such air with strange temperature
or color in the night air. And I have tried to resemble
it to somebody’s heart. Good night.”

In the cold morning air just before getting shiny in sunlight,
she is awaken especially with a feeling of heart pressure
when she feels stiffness in her back.
The uneasy and awful feeling which seem to be only the size
of fisted hand make the sister Princess
she lets out her voice.
” Take some water, Princess.”
“ Thank you. The colder it gets, the more I feel stiffness,
doesn’t it? “
“ I would take the fragrant water named ‘ FROM AUTUMN TO WINTER’ .
迷迭香(まんねんろう)(ローズマリー)  Rosmarinus officinalis L.  
生姜(しょうが) (ジンジャー)     Zingiber officinale
月桂樹(げっけいじゅ)の葉 (ローリエ) Laurus nobilis L
.肉桂(にっけい)の樹皮 (シナモン)   Cinnamomum zeylanicum
唐辛子(とうがらし) (カイエンペッパー) Capsicum. annuum
This water was cooled down after decocting them last night.
This water have had me warmed up.
Does everybody feel such trouble, Prince
“ Maybe.”
“ Well, we would cense in stead of making decoction
at higher place in order to reach it far.
And add fragranced wood and spice.”
“ You seem to feel uplifted, don’t you, Princess
this stone in both hands when going to bed?”
The stone is…

In the eternal time for attaining the purity and sharpening,
short, rapidly-changed time, like the explosion,
existing time with chaos after explosion,
moving time based on each organization of mutual nature,
and going back to slow time for attaining the purity again.
We regard stones (ISHI) have neither their own will (ISHI),
nor the conscious.
We call ”nature” the differences of sensitivity from the environment
like the gravity, pressure or temperature of each make up element.
But can we say that it has “will (ISHI)” which goes where it wants
as affecting each other and reading the environment?
“The stone (ISHI)” created through such rough environment as
the living thing cannot endure and eternal time have created
various color and shape. And some of them have used for human life.
Above all, the stone (ISHI) called “jewel” especially attracts
human’s mind and has such strong will (ISHI) that goes wherever
it wants. What the will’s final aim is? The aim may not have
the end but be eternal.
At least, it is “the stone (ISHI)” that we cannot measure
by the consciousness of living objects, but lofty and leisurely.
‘, this black stone would be good. It is the stone that
in the course of attaining the purity. Would you mind
grasping it in your both hands when going asleep? “
“ Thank you. What kind of stone is yours, the Prince
“ The stone I carry around is this, round,
white, wave-patterned stone.
Inside of it is supposed to be druse.
I put my conscious in it and carry around such delight
that imagining how it changes.”
“ Really? You put your conscious in it and have so
slow-flowed time, don’t you? ”

Is the King’s body made of light? We cannot see his body in the light.
Or does it mean he is always exposed to the shadowless lamp
and we cannot see his shape?
We cannot find if the light exists in the light,
as we cannot find the shadow in the darkness.
Does the King actually exist or not? One or two?
Or,so many as the number of light?
Even though we analyze and explore the light and
get to know something special, we won’t be able to get
such sensuous assurance as “we meet the King”.
As we look for the sacred tree with unknown figure
and does not have words in the deep forest,
we will be able to feel the existence of the King
when something of the existence of the King
acts in concert with something in ourselves.

There is something which is burnt out by burst into flames.
The flames make the term of the existence of items shorter.
The time stops slowly as it is frozen at the back of the eyes stares it.
It becomes lump with the emotion of fear or anxiety.
Even though we go far away to the past with much time,
once the stimulation of the emotion of fear or anxiety
put in by something impulse, it is defrosted in a twinkle
and regenerated vividly.
We must pray in front of the flame.
And we must pray in order not to be controlled
even by such fear or anxiety that defrosted and regenerated.
Pray with sincerity. Play with our whole heart.
Pray and chant by gathering our power around our belly
as blowing out long, long breath.
Each castle where the King and the Queen lives far apart
each other is at the highest place in the town.
We stoke very, very huge metallic thurible placed
at the peripheral of the high wall of the castle
which looks down the town and give off
the smoked scent of the rind of botanical trees, roots,
fruit rind, flowers, leaves, stems, and so on into the town
and pray, with our whole heart.
This is the King and the Queen’s daily duty in every morning.
The King and Queen exists many and many in
each of the people’s and our mind across time and space.
The King and Queen exists besides our mind.
They exists uncountably as many as the number of kinds
of grass, colors of jewel, shapes of crowd,
raindrops or dancing fire sparks.
We may want to know the truth or not and although
we want to try to talk, just we may try not to talk and notice.

Making comments looks like sweeping up by brooms.
A road is created where the broom has swept up.
The vacant appears where the broom has swept up.
The place where has not been swept up yet begins to jaw.
The place where has not been swept up yet
becomes fertile and munificent.
Anyway, the place where we do not try to know each other
may be the place where we can know each other.
To let the things which has come to life go where
they want to may be such shape that they should be the most,
or be such place where they appear their most beautiful images.
The more playing the trick may, the worse they become.
The season the natural body expands dramatically
may be the best season where they can participate
in if they are just audiences or observers.

“ That princess tried to attain her desire at the expense of her voice
which has such magical power that lead pilgrims those who come and go
to both shadowy world and luminary world. She has lost her words,
hasn’t she?
But she has been able to enormously express her own will by losing
her words, hasn’t she? “
“ Well, I think words are needed only three in our life. “
“ Can we have a trip with only three words? “
“ Yes. Just three chief cards, which are never dropped off even though
we play over and over every day. “
To be continued.